Air-cooled oil guns are developed to replace the high maintenance cost and cumbersome retract mechanism.  


The air-cooled oil gun is cooled by a low-pressure stream of air passing through a specially designed gun cap with a finned surface. 

The low-pressure air passing around the atomizer shields and reduce the furnace radiation falling on the atomizer parts by extracting heat through the finned surfaces. 


Standard Capacity Guns 2 – 2.5 sm3/min of ambient air at 50 – 60mm WC above furnace pressure 

High Capacity Guns 4 – 4.5 sm3/min of ambient air at 80 – 100 mm WC. above furnace pressure 


  1.  Air-cooled oil gun tips are subjected to lower temperatures than retractable oil gun tips.  Oil guns remain cool and component life is increased
  2. Minimizes the congestion at burner elevation. Increases accessibility to the burner front area 
  3. Reduces the maintenance 
  4. Eliminates the number of working components / Complicated Retract mechanism 
  5. More economical than steam or compressed air cooling as the power requirements for low-pressure cooling air is minimal. 
  6. Increase in the life of the tip. 
  7. Can be retrofitted with old boilers easily without any major modification.
  8. Eliminates “gun advanced’ and “gun retracted” limit switches 
  9. Simplifies control system