• Steam Coil Air Pre Heater (SCAPH) is an extended surface type [finned tube] gas to the gas heat exchanger. 
  • This equipment preheats air to the required process temperature using saturated steam. 
  • Steam coil air preheaters (SCAPHS) are also used to heat air to raise the cold end temperature to prevent acid dew point corrosion. 
  • In areas with low ambient air temperatures, this equipment is incorporated into the design of a boiler for low load operation and startup operation 
  • This  air heater uses an extended surface, normally referred to as fins, to increase the heat transfer rate and to reduce the overall size 
  • Finned tubes may be of a G type or spiral wound and made of aluminum.
  • Our SCAPH’s are modular units which can be easily erected and removed from an existing location for maintenance activities.