CCE&CE Start-up and load burners are specially designed for the demanding environment in recovery boilers and fluidized bed boilers. 

CCE&CE offers reliable, high-quality burner performance for your boiler.

 We design and manufacture specialized burners 

  • Fuel: HFO, LFO, Natural gas. 
  • Ignition: Gas/electric or HEA.
  • Combustion air temperature max: +250o C. 
  • Combustion air pressure loss: 80 – 120 mmwc. 
  • Instrument air pressure: 57bar. 
  • Fuel oil pressure: 12 bar (air/steam atom.)
  • Fuel gas pressure: 6 bar max.

CCE&CE Burner is designed and used to raise the furnace temperature from a cold start-up to main burner light-off. 

CCE&CE Burner system is available in customized capacities as required by the customer.

Specifically, we can offer

  • Combustion System Design
  • Burners [oil/gas]
  • Skid Mount oil/gas trains/valve station
  • Burner Management Systems (BMS)


  • High Availability
  • Low Emissions
  • Robust Construction and High Quality

CCE&CE products are customized according to client processes and are in compliance with all local regulations and emission standards.

 With CCE&CE, you receive the best available Burner Technology.