Project Description

Coal Burner / Coal Compartment Assy

  • CCE & CE manufacture Coal nozzle, Coal nozzle tips, and complete Coal Compartment assemblies for different sizes of fossil fuel-fired boilers.
  • CCE & CE Parts are considered superior due to higher reliability and high fuel load flexibility
  • The coal compartment assembly is connected to the fuel pipe at the wind box front directing fuel and transport air through the wind box into the furnace.
  • Major components of the compartment assembly include the stationary Coal Nozzle and tilting Nozzle Tip and seal plate
  • Our Parts are manufactured from super high heat resistant alloys to ensure longer life.
  • The Coal nozzles are either of fabricated design or precision machined from SG iron castings to ASTM A536 GR 65 grade.
  • Standard coal nozzle of cast ductile iron ceramic-lined Coal Nozzle
  • The Coal Nozzle Tip which directs fuel flow is the last wear component in the coal delivery system. Because of their high temperature and harsh operating conditions, they are subjected to.
  • Coal Nozzle Tips are manufactured from SS-310 plates are susceptible to high wear and severe damage, as this is expected to perform under extreme conditions.


  • Hardfacing or Ceramic lining is a process of depositing hard matrix to protect high wear areas of splitter plates and leading edges.
  • Hard facing thickness can be 3mm / 6mm.


  • Decreases erosion
  • Reduced tip distortion
  • Easy installation
  • Replacement time is significantly reduced Value to Customer
  • Increases combustion performance
  • Promotes enhanced ignition
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduces total cost of ownership