Project Description

Bagasse Spreader

  • CCE&CE Bagasse spreader ensures the Bagasse spread uniformly over the firing bed of the boiler.
  • CCE & CE spreaders are aerodynamically designed for better combustion for performance.
  • Bagasse has a low density with high moisture and volatile content. They are therefore best burnt in suspension
  • In the past, solid fuel-fired boilers used mechanical throwers to spread the fuel into the furnace. However, these are not effective with low-density fibrous fuels such as bagasse where pneumatic spreading is better.
  • CCE &CE’s spreader ensures a high degree of uniformity of distribution across the furnace plane area.
  • Spreaders designs for bagasse have performed satisfactorily.
  • The spreader tip comes in manual control.
  • CCE&CE’Spneumatic spreader is able to distribute both fibrous and granular fuels.
  • The spreaders, which bolt onto the front panel of the furnace, are air-cooled.
  • The fuels are blown over distribution plates which are individually matched to their furnace location.
  • The “throw” of the fuel into the furnace can be set by adjusting either the angle at which the distribution plates are set or the conveying air pressure.
  • The spreaders are made of SS 304 except for the deflector plates which, being exposed to direct furnace radiation, are of SS 310.
  • The spreader is manufactured from superior quality cast alloy material suitable to sustain at a temperature of 900oC