Project Description

Bagasse Feeder

  • We offer a wide range of high-performance Bagasse Feeders that is used in fuel feeding systems of various industries.
  • Manufactured from premium quality raw materials, our Bagasse Feeder is the perfect fusion of quality and efficiency.
  • Production assures sturdy construction, high speed, and durability of Bagasse Feeder.
  • Our Bagasse Feeder provides long-lasting trouble-free performance and needs low maintenance cost.
  • CCE&CE feeders are designed to match the feeders to the physical properties of the bagasse.
  • In tall chutes placed above the feeders, the fuel itself provides the seal and buffer of fuel to help smooth boiler control.
  • The feeder has focused on eliminating chokes and smoothing fuel flow.
  • The two small drums at the top of the feeder meter the fuel. A large-toothed drum, running at a much higher peripheral speed, ensures a steady flow of Bagasse.
  • The CCE&CEfeeder incorporates an improved drive train and is offered with simple electronic speed control that accepts an input signal from the boiler’s fuel control loop.
  • The feeders can be designed for different sizes to accommodate all boiler configurations.

Advantages of the System

  • Low Maintenance costs of the system
  • No frequent choking
  • Less power
  • The System is flexible and responds rapidly to sudden changes in:
    • Bagasse supply
    • Individual boiler fuel demands.
  • The System controls compatible centralized PLC and SCADA boiler control and monitoring systems.