We manufacture complete stationary part assembly including:

  • Stationary union
  • Front plate
  • Guide tube
  • Retraction assembly

Diffuser/flame stabilizer :

The diffuser is to impart rotational effect to the primary combustion air zone creating the necessary vortex for flame stability and for mixing the fuel & air required for good combustion.

The diffuser is carefully matched with the register divergent section in order to achieve the optimum performance with the least waste of pressure energy. 

  The blade shroud prevents the free radial flow in the space between adjacent blades and reduction large turbulent streams. 


The fuel is burnt in an airstream inside a Combustion Chamber. The heat input to the Combustion Chamber is not a constant level and requires to be varied according to the output requirements. 

The Combustion equipment must be able to operate at different heat release rates and the flame must be stable over these load ranges. 

The desired feature of CCE&CE diffusers is their combustion stability over wide load ranges.