• Thin-walled, high-performance convoluted metallic bellows expansion joints/compensators in the round and rectangular configurations, to compensate the axial and lateral movements, in duct systems.
  • CCE&CE Expansion Joint /compensators are engineered to withstand the circumferential pressure and flexible to accommodate the movements, to the designed level.
  • CCE&CE design ensures the system properly compensates for the movements caused by thermal expansion, pressure, vibration, and irregularities in an erection.
  • The Metal Expansion Joint /compensators can be manufactured from various materials to accommodate for more corrosive or high-temperature environments.

Metal Expansion Joint /compensators Construction:

  • Design: Compensators joints are designed in accordance with the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA).
  • Pressure: Compensators are designed for service from full vacuum to  1 bar[g] at a maximum temperature of 500˚c.
  • Movements: Compensators can be designed for any combination of axial, lateral, or angular movement confirming the customer specification.
  • Bellows: Compensators are die formed from 1.6 mm thick, deep-drawn, quality annealed sheet conforming to ASTM specifications
  • Liners: Internal liners to be specified where abrasive particles in the gas stream could cause erosion of bellows.