CCE&CE undertakes Design, Engineering, Supply,  Testing & Commissioning of skid-mount HFO, HSD, LDO, Naphtha, natural gas, and oil systems for gas/energy distribution companies and the power industry, with instrumentation.

The skid-mounted concept reduces the erection, commissioning, and start-up time on the site.

CCE&CE offers skids for

  1. Fuel oil unloading: for unloading the fuel from tankers/wagons through hoses
  2. Fuel oil transfer: for transferring the fuel from storage tanks to the day tanks
  3. Fuel oil pumping and heating:  PHF unit used to transfer the fuel from day tanks to the utility point i.e. boiler firing, furnace firing, engine etc at required pressure, temperature & flow rate.
  4. Fuel gas Handling:  suitable for hazardous area classification
  5. Burner front and Common oil/gas skids