CCE & CE offers Dampers for cogeneration plants, power stations, plants, cement factories, steel industry, paper industries, chemical plants… 

Dampers are designed for controlling low-pressure gases [5000 mm wc] and temperatures up to 800oC. 


  • Regulating the flow of gas/air, 
  • Diverting the gas/air flow to another duct system 
  • Isolating duct for inspection and maintenance.

Our expertise allows us to provide a wide range of electrically operated /pneumatic operated/mechanical operated Dampers, manufactured in line with the international quality standards.

Our range

  • Multi Louver Dampers- Motorized & Pneumatic, 
  • Guillotine Gates
  • Butterfly Dampers- Motorized & Pneumatic.
  • In a Hot air, cold air, or flue gas duct Systems, our dampers the best choice for regulating the flow of media.
  • The flap of the Damper is usually in a closed condition and opens on actuation. 
  • Our dampers Designed to regulate and control flow in dirty environments.
  • The parallel blades can be opened and closed in parallel or opposed fashion.
  • Guillotine gates are used in flue and duct systems, where positive shut-off isolation is necessary.
  • They are usually on/off type, [i.e.] completely open or completely closed, and do not regulate flow. 
  • They provide 99% airtightness.
  • This damper control is by using a disc which rotates around a central shaft, in round ducts.
  • These are two butterfly dampers in round ducts or guillotine gates in rectangular ducts installed perpendicular in T shape. This arrangement is to redirect the media to the chimney or to the boiler.
The damper actuators can be the on/off type or regulation type to which a positioner/position transmitter may be added.

  • Wheel and gearbox: suitable for the low levels of automation and for small-sized dampers.
  • Pneumatic cylinder: (single or double-acting). Requires 5 to 7 bar air pressure line.
  • Electric: electric motor with gearbox, with a manual wheel for an emergency override.