• The CCE & CE burner is an advanced solution for low NOx oil/gas firing applications, without adversely affecting boiler performance.
  • This low NOx burner was developed to achieve superior NOx performance with more than 20 years of experience, assuring desired results.
  • CCE & CE developed the burner with a focus on maximum NOx reduction with optimum combustion efficiency, safety and easy operation.
  • The compact design makes it well suited for retrofit applications and the burner requires minimal maintenance.
  • Each burner is completely shop assembled and mechanically tested before delivery.
  • The burner is designed as retrofit, with little or no modifications on the boiler.

CCE&CE’s low NOx burner:

  • Proven performance in NOx reduction.
  • High flame stability and burner turndown.
  • Lower CO emissions / Excess air.
  • Adjustable of vanes to optimize performance
  • High heat resistance steel is used in all parts of the burner exposed to radiant furnace heat.
  • Wide range of fuels
    • Natural gas
    • Refinery fuel gas
    • Vaporized naphtha or 100% hydrogen
    • Optional waste gas firing


Heat Release:

  • Burner can be designed for any heat release rate / throat size.

Air register:

  • Optimized air distribution improves flame shape and emission performance, excess air control.

Low maintenance:

  • Robust refractory throat for increased life.
  • Centrally placed and easily removable gas burner.

Reliability and Efficiency:

  • Compact flames minimize flame impingement.
  • No metal in the throat, only refractory.
  • In high stability over a wide range of fuels and operating conditions


  • Oil gun –   Produces a finer oil spray with Y-jet type of tips, minimizes atomizer plugging.
  • Damper actuator –   Easily adjusts the main air damper position for light-off, full-load and out-of-service cooling.
  • Primary air damper –   Adjusts primary air flow to the oil gun or gas spuds for optimizing combustion.
  • Secondary air damper –   Adjusts the secondary air flow to shape the flame and distribute the air.
  • Spinner vanes –   Provide proper mixing of the secondary air and fuel – vane.

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